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Adrian L. Vogl

Lead Scientist
Adrian Vogl (she/her) leads NatCap’s Securing Freshwater initiative at Stanford. Adrian works across the spectrum of researchers, policymakers, and civil society groups in Latin America, the Himalayas, the US, and Africa to advance the science and practice of ecosystem services and nature-based solutions for water security. Her focus is on how land and forest management impact water resources, particularly in the face of changing and uncertain climate conditions. Her work is problem-driven, with an emphasis on developing standardized approaches and tailored tools (e.g., RIOSROOT) to assess and map ecosystem services and their values, and connect these benefits to communities. Before joining the Natural Capital Project, Adrian developed land-use planning decision support tools that incorporate freshwater and groundwater ecosystem services, land development, and conservation planning in Texas (USA). Adrian holds a Ph.D. in Aquatic Resources from Texas State University-San Marcos, and a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Arizona.